Three zodiac signs will discover superpowers by March 17, 2024

Some zodiac signs will discover superpowers

The period from March 13 to March 17 will bring some challenges, but difficulties will be an important impetus on the path to success. It will be like an inspiration, a burst of energy, or a sudden epiphany. During the third week of March, something very serious will happen, and you will have to overcome difficulties in ways that border on "superpowers."

Astrologers say that the lunar energy of this period will help the three zodiac signs find new ways to overcome old obstacles. Some things will seem like a meaningless waste of time, so you'll have to focus on your true values.


By nature stubborn and persistent, you are always ready to face all challenges, while developing a decisive plan to successfully get around obstacles. However, during the week you will see that some situations do not go according to plan, and it is impossible to predict all the nuances of the development of events.

Your only goal is success. This is a difficult task, so it's only natural for a strong personality like you to be in a constant state of competition, even with those in positions of power. You will overcome all the "no's" that come your way this week. Saturn's transit in Pisces will help you learn important lessons.


When you see a big sign that says "no trespassing," the first thing you want to do is, of course, enter - it's your nature. Although this doesn't always lead to something good, you'll get some important clues this week. Just because someone tells you that your intention is not feasible doesn't mean you should give up on it right away. Perseverance will pay off handsomely.

The energy of Pluto will help you overcome obstacles, and you will make every effort to get around difficulties on the difficult path. It's all or nothing - you're not ready to settle for mediocre results now. You crave leadership and recognition, so you will persevere and pursue your goals with dedication.


The week will bring the culmination of a certain stage of life. You will experience deep transformations and healing. What used to be a serious obstacle will now seem like a mere trifle. You are ready to take a risk and make an effort to achieve your dreams.

You've spent a lot of time thinking about it, but it hasn't been in vain - you've learned how to deal with stress, anxiety, and pressure. It's time for some decisive and hard work. You have finally taken the situation into your own hands and are ready to take responsibility.

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