Three zodiac signs will be lucky in love in the second half of the week: horoscope

Love horoscope

A festive and romantic atmosphere is in the air. You want to spend the evenings on Christmas Eve having warm, cozy conversations with your loved ones.

Astrologers have great news: three signs will be very lucky in love in early December. Venus trine Saturn and the transit of the Moon and Venus will bring a lot of happiness and joy, and single signs can meet the love of their lives.


You're ready to completely trust the person you love madly, but Saturn will hold you back from taking impulsive steps. First of all, it's important to discuss all aspects of the relationship with your partner to clarify some things.

Your partner feels that the relationship has always needed boundaries and rules as such, and so these conversations will be very helpful in the long run. There will be a mutual understanding between you. You may even decide to propose marriage. Venus trine Saturn brings you good luck and hope for a long life together.


In relationships, you seek harmony and mutual understanding. You don't need emotional swings, dramas, or flashy reconciliations. You really enjoy an atmosphere of calm and comfort in your home and do not understand those who seek to constantly clarify their relationships.

However, some love drama and do their best to create tense situations. Some signs get bored in their daily routine, so they try to add some excitement to their relationships. At the end of this week, you will have sincere conversations that will help you understand your partner better. Communication will bring clarity and energize you. You'll be able to reach mutual understanding and avoid disputes in the future.


You feel best when you know that you are safe, everything is in its place, and tomorrow will not bring adventures and cataclysms. However, you should realize that unpleasant surprises happen whether you are ready for them or not. Some situations are beyond your control.

You will probably feel quite understandable fear when a special person appears on the horizon. This is not just a page in the book of life for you, this is the true love you have been waiting for. You will probably feel that you can trust this person almost immediately. You will feel cozy and comfortable in the arms of the one you love.

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