Three zodiac signs may get depressed in winter: they need to pull themselves together

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Who will be depressed this winter

In winter, people are more prone to low mood, apathy, and drowsiness. Some people experience the seasonal disorder to the fullest, while others face mild symptoms only.

Celebrity experts from Elitedaily identified three zodiac signs that can get depressed in winter and need to pull themselves together.


Natives of this sign will listen to their own feelings and care about what others think of them. This can lead to prolonged depression. Natives of this sign need to get more rest and learn to "let go" of negative emotions.


Representatives of this sign will engage in introspection and pay attention to their relationships with loved ones. They will identify a problem that prevents them from finding understanding in the family. This can lead to a surge of negative emotions and cause depression. They need to pull themselves together and start solving problems. This will help them achieve inner harmony and peace.


Natives of this sign will find it difficult to keep their promises and devote time to personal growth. Their old negative habits will prove to be a big problem on the way to success. In winter, Aquarians may become depressed, but things will improve in the spring.

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