Three window cleaning mistakes that leave streaks on the glass: stop making them

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Mistakes when cleaning glass surfaces

Everyone probably likes their windows to be so clean that it looks like there is no glass in the frames at all. However, it sometimes seems impossible to clean them so that there are no streaks, lint, or streaks of detergent.

However, this is not a reason to despair and accept the fact that the washed glass may look dirtier than before cleaning, because Аpartment Тherapy has told you about the three most common mistakes, which, if corrected, will help you achieve the desired result.

Three window cleaning mistakes that leave streaks on the glass: stop making them

Too much cleaning agent

Using too much glass cleaning spray is the main cause of streaks, especially if the product does not evaporate quickly.

Instead of spraying the entire window, mirror, or any other glass surface, try applying just a little bit of product to a cloth. This way, you don't have to make too many movements on the glass, leaving unwanted streaks and smudges.

The wrong cloth

If you don't understand why dust and lint remain on the glass after wiping it, it may be not only how you clean the window, but also what you use. If you use a regular terry cloth, don't be surprised if the result is disappointing again and again.

To make the surface perfectly clean and transparent, we recommend using special microfiber cloths. They do not leave lint, and the tight weave of the fabric helps to remove dirt from the glass.

Not enough pressure

You don't have to press the glass surface with all your might, but you should use more pressure than you would when wiping off, for example, dust. Also, do not forget to polish the glass after cleaning, that is, run a dry microfiber cloth over the already cleaned areas in small circular motions.

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