Three signs will want to return to their exes: November full moon horoscope

Love horoscope for November

The end of autumn will be difficult for several zodiac signs: they will find themselves at a crossroads and plunge into nostalgic melancholy. Exes may appear on the horizon, and this will rekindle the almost extinguished flame.

The decision to resume relations with an ex-partner should be carefully weighed. Astrologers warn that the glow of the full moon can stir up the depths of emotions, and some signs will feel an inexplicable craving for the past.


You will increasingly find yourself mentally returning to the past. There seems to be an unfilled void in your life, a place reserved for romance that no one else has been able to fill. Your relationship with your ex-partner was so vibrant that you sincerely believed that you were destined to be together until the end of time.

But life made adjustments. Probably, instead of taking responsibility for your actions, you took the easy way out, blaming your ex for everything. You decided to take on the role of a suffering partner.

The illuminating power of the full moon will expose past mistakes, leaving no room for self-deception. You will feel an overwhelming desire to return to your ex. You will realize the bitter truth: you never really wanted to break up in the first place. The security and stability your ex provided while you were together was priceless. After all, you and your ex probably grew and learned valuable lessons while you were apart. Maybe now is the time to see if there's still a chance for both of you.


When you ended the relationship, you believed it was the right decision. The thought of separation brought a sense of liberation and a new desire to embrace the world. And for a month or two, you really tasted carefree happiness.

However, memories inevitably burst into your life. You began to constantly recall moments of joy and happiness with your ex. Yes, you broke up, but deep down, you recognize that it was the best relationship ever. Lack of patience and emotional communication played their part, and now this person is no longer a part of your life. Astrologers say it's very likely that your ex-partner will re-enter your life as a person with whom you can build a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


Pride has prevented you from admitting your mistakes in relationships. Although you hate to see yourself as a victim, you've chosen to play that role lately. After careful reflection, it will become clear that anger, jealousy, and other negative emotions on your part could have accelerated the breakup.

Under the bright light of the full moon, you will begin an intense self-examination, rethinking the decision that led to the breakup. This period will be a powerful reality check. Don't let your pride destroy your feelings. The stars advise you to take the opportunity to fix what was once broken.

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