Three signs will have a dramatic improvement in life from February 5: who is on the list

Some signs will be lucky in love

Mercury in Aquarius will have a significant impact on some zodiac signs. The transit will facilitate changes, and risky decisions, and help fulfill the most cherished desires. The energy of this day will encourage action.

Astrologers say that Gemini, Cancer, and Leo should get out of their comfort zone. The day will be especially favorable in the romantic sphere. Lonely signs may find true love.


You have a great sense of humor and can always cheer up anyone around you. On this day, you may want to do something crazy for love. And although some people will think it's just nonsense, your partner will be surprised by such signs of attention.

Mercury's transit in Aquarius will encourage you to live without limits. The question is how far you can go when it comes to self-expression. Although you still respect your partner's personal space, you may suddenly start to control their every move. Try to take a simpler view of life and dedicate the day to laughter and joy – February 5 will go down in your treasury of memories as a bright and special time.


This is the day to try something new. You don't want to stand back and watch your relationship turn into a boring routine. Everything is in your hands, and it's time to add some bright moments to the daily dullness.

Mercury in Aquarius makes you take risks when it comes to self-expression. This day will bring complete mutual understanding. Try to please your partner with unexpected pleasant surprises.


Mercury's transit will give you a chance to feel young and happy again. No, this does not mean that you were old and unhappy before. It's just time to throw away all the negativity and add a little bit of craziness to your life. This aspect will allow you to feel joy and freedom. You may even decide to take some risks.

Your family relationships are currently in peace and harmony. The stars advise you to add some pleasant surprises to your stable routine. You're both ready to try something new. Optimism helps a lot in new endeavors.

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