Three signs will be the losers of the month: March horoscope

Horoscope for March 2024

Spring is a time of renewal, hope, and expectations, but astrologers are not very happy with their predictions. For at least three zodiac signs, March will bring difficulties and trials. The reason is that four planets converge in Aquarius: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, so you'll have to solve complex problems and make fateful decisions.

At the same time, astrologers say that the transit of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces will affect the signs of water and earth, and Taurus, Cancer, and Sagittarius should be especially careful. The beginning of spring will be a period of deep transformations and rethinking of values.


In the coming month, career prospects will be rather sad. You will have to work hard, perhaps even overtime, but you are unlikely to receive a decent monetary reward. You shouldn't expect any success.

The beginning of spring will be stressful because of the increased workload. Negotiations that are supposed to bring profit and prospects will be useless. It is worth discussing future plans with your manager. Traveling for work can be rewarding, but obstacles are bound to arise.

Personal relationships will also be very tense. Try to restore harmony and peace in your family, despite disagreements and disputes. If you have a family business, be on the lookout for legal difficulties.


Your financial prospects in early spring will not be very encouraging. This period will be especially difficult for representatives of the trade sector. You will make a lot of effort to achieve your goals, but unfortunately, you will be out of luck.

In March, you shouldn't start new projects, start your own business, or take risks with investments. Students should also be very careful - high competition can play a cruel joke.

Spring will also bring some difficulties in your personal life. Misunderstandings with your partner and problems with children are likely. It's important to reduce stress, focus on your health, and see a doctor as soon as possible.


In March, problems will arise in your personal life. New acquaintances may betray your trust. The situation in your family will also be unstable, so you'll have to be patient.

This month can be difficult for those who have taken a new job. You will feel a lack of experience and interaction with colleagues. Try to be punctual. You can make a lasting impression on others and become a role model if you can come up with an interesting new strategy.

In addition, traveling will not live up to expectations, although you may benefit from a change of scenery. In the end, you should rely only on your own capabilities.

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