Things will be cleaner: three secrets to machine washing

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Proper use of the washing machine will extend its service life

A broken washing machine is a real little home drama. After all, this is a device that makes life much easier and allows you to keep most clothes in good condition for longer. That is why it is important to use it properly. This will increase the service life of the machine and help it clean things better.

OBOZ.UA has collected three tips from professionals on how to achieve this. They may seem obvious, but experts say that most people ignore them.

Use the washing machine correctly

To make the most of your washing machine, you need to know everything about its capabilities. So, if there are icons on the display that you don't understand or if you don't use any programs, dust off the appliance's manual. Understanding what each program is intended for will allow you to optimally select care for different types of items and at the same time adequately fill the machine itself.

Don't forget to clean the washer regularly. Use special products to remove limescale from the mechanism and kill microorganisms. It is recommended to carry out this procedure every 2-3 months. At least once a month, wipe the door and the seal with soapy water. Don't forget to leave the drum open for at least a few hours after each cycle so that the machine dries well inside.

Do not overload the appliance

To achieve excellent washing results, it is advisable not to overload the washing machine. If you put too many clothes in, the drum will not be able to rotate properly and water will not flow freely between the clothes. And this will greatly affect the quality of cleaning. Do not put 1-2 items in the washer at a time as this can upset its balance. Follow the load range specified in the device instruction.

Check for water leaks

Improper water intake or drainage has a significant impact on the quality of the washing machine. That is why you should check the hoses from time to time. They should be securely connected and not leaking. If you see a puddle somewhere, fix the problem yourself or call a specialist. Make sure that the machine does not jump or vibrate too much during operation. This is also a significant reason to contact a master.

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