They violate almost all: which etiquette rule is forgotten when going to visit

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Etiquette rules for guests. Source: Pexels

Etiquette rules help guests feel confident in unfamiliar company and strike up conversations easily. It is important to know how to behave properly to make a good impression and have a good time.

However, people often make common mistakes, creating an unpleasant atmosphere. OBOZREVATEL will help you avoid this.

Being late is not respectful to the hosts. Therefore, you need to come to the house at the time you were invited. If you are unable to arrive on time, you should warn the hosts and apologize. But you shouldn't come early either. The hosts may not be ready to receive guests yet.

If you didn't give a reason for being late, but you did warn the hosts about it, they shouldn't ask about it at the table. This will put the person in an awkward position. If the guests want to know, they will tell you everything themselves.

They violate almost all: which etiquette rule is forgotten when going to visit

Also, you shouldn't come to a visit empty-handed. You need to buy a gift if you are going to a birthday party or housewarming. If it is a friendly gathering, ask your friends what to buy for the table.

Try to be polite and friendly. When you enter the apartment, say hello and thank them again for the invitation, give the host your gift, and wait for him to show you to the room with the other guests. Say hello to everyone and try to join the conversation.

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