They only clean on holidays: the dirtiest place in the kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets are rarely mentioned before a thorough cleaning

Countertops, sink, stove - we regularly clean all these surfaces in the kitchen. But there are places where even the biggest fans of cleanliness only pay attention to on holidays, and these are the kitchen cabinets.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you how to quickly organize this area, hidden from view, and how to keep it clean.

Where dirt accumulates most often

Of course, the dirtiest part of kitchen cabinets is their top surface. It is above eye level, and in addition to grease and traces of steam, a lot of dust sticks to it. The cabinet facades are also not cleaned as often, and handprints can become visible, especially on glossy surfaces.

How to clean kitchen cabinets

Since this furniture comes into contact with dishes and food, you should choose environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. Industrial household chemicals are not suitable here because you can never be sure of their composition. It is better to prefer baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda, as an abrasive powder, can be used to remove stubborn dirt and clean stains, while a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water is good for daily maintenance. It can also be used as a spray. This solution will dissolve grease and clean the surfaces of kitchen cabinets both inside and out.

Life hack against fingerprints

If a vinegar spray doesn't help to remove fingerprints from the cabinet facades, an ordinary potato can be helpful. Take a small root vegetable, wash off the soil, and cut a slice from the edge. Use the slice to wipe the contaminated area, leave the juice to act for a few minutes, and then wipe off the residue with a paper towel. You can cut new slices as needed - this way, you will use the potato sparingly and clean a fairly large area.

How to prevent dirt from settling

While it's impossible to eliminate dirt buildup on kitchen cabinets, you can make the maintenance process much easier. Cover the upper part, which is above eye level, with a piece of paper, such as an old newspaper. In this case, you will only need to gently change the cover from time to time, and there will be no need to wipe the surface thoroughly. And don't forget to use a hood when cooking - it will significantly reduce the amount of splashes and stains.

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