They can be useful: what to do with old egg cartons

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Egg cartons are very convenient for storing a lot of small items

Eggs are a product that can be found in almost every refrigerator. And most often we buy them in convenient trays that have to be thrown away after use.

But don't rush to send another box to the trash. OBOZ.UA has collected some ideas on how you can reuse an egg tray in a creative and environmentally friendly way.

Box for seedlings

If you're into gardening, you can use an egg carton as a perfectly convenient seedling box. Each cell will hold one small seedling. Simply fill them with soil and place a seed in it.

Bed for microgreen

It is also convenient to grow such a popular superfood as microgreens in these boxes. Place the box on the windowsill, fill the cells with soil, and sow any of the crops suitable for growing nutritious sprouts. The plastic container will serve as both a bed and a greenhouse as the transparent material transmits light and creates a good microclimate for germination.

Storing New Year's decorations

You've probably experienced the annoyance of taking a box of Christmas decorations off the shelf and finding that some of them have been broken over the years. An egg carton can help protect the balls from this. Put the fragile balls in the cells and put them away for storage. If such a container can handle eggs, it will keep the decor intact for a year.

Palette for artistic creativity

If you've been buying disposable palettes for painting with watercolors, acrylics, or other paints, start saving money on them. You can use an egg carton for the same purpose. You can mix colors on the lid of the box.

Bird feeder

Attach a rope to the tray and fill the cells with grains and cereals: the simplest hanging bird feeder is ready. It will be more convenient than one cut out of a milk carton or plastic bottle as the bird will have more room to land on the edge of the feeder.

Bottle holder in the refrigerator

When there's just a little bit of sauce left in a bottle of sauce, it can be a challenge to shake it out. So why not store the bottle upside down? Place an egg carton on the shelf of the refrigerator door and place the half-empty bottles in the carton. The box will conveniently support them in an upside-down position.

Organizer for creativity

If your hobby is handicrafts, an egg carton can be a very handy organizer. You can color-code skeins of thread, beads, or beads, store small tools, or keep auxiliary materials in the compartments.

Organizer for small household items

You can store any small items in the same way. Do you have a few screws, nails, nuts, etc.? You don't have to put them in a jar. A small supply can be conveniently placed in an egg tray.

Storage of small jewelry

It's very inconvenient to put rings, earrings, or chains in one box as they get mixed up and tied in knots. Beautiful racks often take up a lot of space and tip over under the weight of jewelry or from careless movement. An egg container can solve this problem. Put each item in a separate cell and they will no longer be lost or tangled.

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