These five laundry mistakes destroy your clothes: don't make them

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Clogging the machine drum is one of the most common washing mistakes

Washing mistakes can do you double harm. On the one hand, they lead to faster wear and tear on your clothes, and on the other hand, they disrupt the proper operation of the washing machine, which results in its breakdown.

Experts have named typical mistakes that many people make when taking care of their belongings. OBOZ.UA tells about them and advises what to change to avoid problems.

Overloading the washing machine

Many of us wait until we have enough dirty clothes to fill the washing machine with them properly and thus save water, electricity, and detergent. In general, this is the right approach. But If you fill the drum too tightly, it will not allow you to wash well, and, more importantly, rinse things out. In addition, in this case, the textiles will wear out faster. Moreover, excessive weight in the drum disturbs the balance of the machine and can cause it to malfunction. If you want to make sure that you are not overloading the washer, put everything you want to wash in the drum and put your hand in the drum over the clothes. If you can turn it freely, everything is fine.

Washing not according to the manufacturer's instructions

Labels on clothes are not just someone's imagination. They really contain recommendations for caring for an item that will help extend its life. Without them, you may choose the wrong washing settings, which will lead to shrinkage or damage to your clothes. So be sure to check the label to set the right temperature and choose the right care products.

Lack of sorting

When packing laundry, it is important to follow at least the basic rules of sorting. Do not wash white with colored clothes, delicate fabrics with heavy and coarse fabrics, and, if possible, do not put natural cotton and linen together with synthetics. It is also important to turn things out before washing so that the outer part is less friction. And be sure to check all your pockets for any small items left there.

Using fabric softener for all things

Fabric softeners were created to make fabrics soft and fluffy and to scent them. But this trick doesn't always work. For example, the fabric softener can accumulate in terry towels, making them stiff and impair hygroscopicity. You should also not use the product to care for sportswear and microfiber napkins. In other cases, experts recommend using less than the recommended dose of the product. It will still have an effect, but it will be better rinsed out of the fabric.

Skip the cold rinse

Rinsing clothes in cold water at the final stage of the wash saves energy. The water temperature at this stage does not affect the cleanliness of the clothes.

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