These 3 plants indicate soil problems: everyone knows them

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Dandelion, Plantain and Meadow buttercup

Some very popular plants that suddenly overwhelm a flower bed or garden can indicate serious soil problems. For example, the appearance of dandelions or plantains indicates a lack of calcium or excessive acidity.

Other plants, such as rose hips, lupines and balsam, can be classified as "aggressors". They will harm other flowers and can completely negate all the efforts of gardeners to grow a beautiful flower bed. Read more about which three plants indicate soil problems in the OBOZREVATEL article.


Dandelions are considered to be harbingers of sun, warmth and spring. However, you should be wary if your flowerbed or garden bed is suddenly overrun with dandelions. The fact is that these plants like acidic and dense soils, so their appearance may indicate an increase in acidity. Dandelion also indicates that the soil has a calcium deficiency in excess of potassium.

To improve the condition of the bed, remove the dandelions (including the taproot). The density of the soil can be checked with a thin stake - if it is difficult to get in, you need to aerate it.



A lot of plantains in a bed is a sign of dense, acidic, poorly aerated soil. Plantains are very resistant to adverse conditions. You can improve the soil structure by loosening it. To prevent the weed from growing, cut off the rosette of leaves.


Meadow buttercup (tall buttercup, common buttercup and giant buttercup)

This perennial grows well in too moist, dense, acidic, poorly aerated conditions. If you find a lot of buttercups in the garden, immediately add dolomite flour, lime or chalk. Loosening materials such as sawdust and peat will help eliminate moisture stagnation. Regular weeding will also improve soil condition.


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