There's only one secret: how to choose quality seeds based on the packaging

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Certain things about seed quality can be learned just from the packaging

The new gardening season will begin soon, and it's time to purchase the right materials. So, the question of how to choose seeds for vegetables and garden flowers is relevant again.

OBOZREVATEL guides you on how to navigate the packaging and avoid mistakes when choosing. After all, the quality of the seeds determines how healthy and fertile the plants will be, and how successful your harvest will be.

Quality of packaging

Seeds packaged in small sachets must be well protected from moisture to remain viable. That's why foil packaging is a much better choice than pure paper. Also, check the integrity of all bags and boxes in which the material is stored. Damaged seeds may be stale and of poor quality.

Expiration date

Always check the expiration date on the package. Seeds lose germination over time, leading to fewer sprouts. The result will be worse the longer the material has been stored. Responsible growers indicate the expiration date on their seeds.

Reliable manufacturer

Try to choose seeds from producers who have proven themselves in the past. If needed, consult with more experienced gardeners. You won't find re-graded or low-quality seeds from trusted companies.

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