It will have an incredible aroma: how to make a tangerine air freshener at home

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Air freshener made from tangerines

A pleasant scent is a business card of your home. Pungent odors from the kitchen or bathroom create an uncomfortable atmosphere, so owners use incense sticks or candles to avoid this.

But you can also freshen the air in the house yourself, you only need tangerines. OBOZ.UA will help you with this.

If you like the citrus smell, then use a simple method to fill the room with a pleasant aroma. A natural freshener made from tangerine peels is an effective tool in the fight against stench.

First, rinse the peels under running water and cut them into small pieces. Then dry them well on a radiator. Prepare cloth or paper bags and fill them with tangerine peels.

Place the bags in each room on cabinets or windowsills and enjoy the pleasant aroma.

You can also put this freshener on the radiator. Thanks to the heat, the smell of tangerines will become more intense and quickly fill the apartment.

It is important to change the peels in time to ensure that the house always has a fresh scent. To do this, put the dried pieces in a glass jar and store in a dry and dark place or freeze the peels. Then renew the filling in the fabric bags regularly.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published tips to help eliminate unpleasant odors in the apartment.

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