The three most superstitious signs of the zodiac: they believe in omens and are afraid to cause trouble

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The three most superstitious zodiac signs

Some people are particularly anxious and worry for no reason. This can lead to depression.

Celebrity experts from Fabiosa have named the three most superstitious zodiac signs. They believe in omens and are afraid of bringing bad luck.


Mysterious Pisces rely on their intuition when they need to make a decision. They are very attentive to details and numbers and know exactly which days are considered unfavorable in astrology. Pisces believe in all signs and follow the phases of the moon.


Duality is an essential characteristic of this sign. Gemini wants to appear brave and decisive, but in reality, they believe in all the signs. And they definitely won't plan important things if a black cat crosses their path. Sometimes this prevents them from achieving real success.


Natives of this sign tend to think that their enemies are spreading rumors behind their backs. These suspicions arise because of their rich imagination. In addition, Scorpios believe that you need to know all the superstitions, because they are very afraid of bringing disaster.

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