The Scorpio season will touch every sign: who won't be lucky

Some signs won't be lucky in the Scorpio season

The Scorpio season will challenge your finances as debt, resource, and asset issues come to the forefront. With the approaching partial lunar eclipse of the Full Moon in Taurus on October 28, you may come to an unexpected conclusion regarding your value system and financial goals. At the end of the month, you'll receive lucrative offers.

Astrologers say that after the carefree energy of the Libra season, focused on restoration and finding harmony, you may find your perception sharpened, and your magnetism and intuition deepened as the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio. Beginning October 23, the Sun will align with Scorpio's co-rulers, Mars and Pluto. Shortly after the solar ingress on October 24, the Sun in Scorpio will form a pleasant trine with retrograde Saturn in Pisces.


You will be looking for harmony in relationships. During the Scorpio season, all types of relationships will be in the spotlight, so you may be busy finding love or advancing in a professional partnership. An important day will be October 24, when the Sun in Scorpio moves into a trigon with retrograde Saturn in Pisces. You'll have to make some unexpected decisions.


You will be preoccupied with health, work, and routine issues. During a partial lunar eclipse on October 28, you may receive important clues on how to proceed. After this full moon, you'll feel confident and energized and will want to take on a leadership position, get a promotion or expand your responsibilities.


It's time to let go of problems and get some rest, as the Scorpio season will affect your fifth house of pleasure and enjoyment. You'll feel a calling to fulfill a special dream. It's time to make a plan of action for the rest of the year, but realize that some events are beyond your control. Between the transit of Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, you'll feel inspired with a new creative project.


The Scorpio season will be very intense for you. You will have to pay special attention to family and relationship issues. An important professional chapter will come to a close during the Full Moon, a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28. You will be looking for a work-life balance.


A tendency toward perfectionism will keep you from dropping things you've started, and you'll be looking for interaction with colleagues and like-minded people. You'll have to rethink relationships and make important decisions when the Sun in Scorpio goes into a trigon with retrograde Saturn in Pisces on October 24.


The Scorpio season will be quite successful, as astrological transits will enhance the second house of wealth and personal resources. It may be time to focus more on yourself, as you've been distrusting those around you lately, facing deceit and cheating. You'll have to dig deeper to gain confidence in your talents and skills when Venus in Virgo goes into a trigon with Pluto in Capricorn on November 6. You have what it takes to create paths that can lead to financial stability and recognition.


This is your stellar time. Prepare for surprises and pleasant life lessons. The Sun in your sign reinforces your first house of identity. Your season will depend on your wants, needs, and plans. A partial lunar eclipse at the full moon in Taurus on October 28 may even emphasize that you need to focus on yourself rather than partnerships and commitments.


You'll have to confront your inner demons. It's time to take your mental health seriously, as Scorpio season will illuminate your twelfth house of the subconscious. Seek professional help if you feel overly exhausted or have physical health issues. Don't put off seeing a doctor.


You'll be immersed in relationships and personal connections as solar energy hits your eleventh house, responsible for communication and socializing. When the partial lunar eclipse ends on October 28, you can be more confident about who your true friends are. Cheating will probably have to be confronted. If you want to surround yourself with strong, resourceful individuals, then aim to do so during the new moon in Scorpio on November 13.


You'll focus on your career and building a positive image. By boldly agreeing to take on risky projects, you can succeed quite quickly. You can become more open-minded and achieve all your goals when a partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 frees you from the past. You'll feel inspired and energized to start from scratch.


Try to avoid "tunnel" vision. Look around you to see all the opportunities and prospects that will suddenly open up before you during the Scorpio season. This period will help you decide on a destination if you want to travel or relocate. You can use this energy to pinpoint further goals.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that the period until October 29 will be incredibly happy and joyful for the three zodiac signs.

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