The plant may die: is it necessary to remove stumps from zamioculcas

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A properly trimmed stump can become the basis for a new zamioculcas

Even a hardy plant like zamioculcas can sometimes get sick and need pruning. Or a branch may simply break off. In this case, stumps remain in the root zone, and not all indoor flower lovers know what to do with them.

OBOZ.UA asked experts for advice on how to deal with these stumps. Should they be removed or not? How to do it correctly? And what can be done with such a stump in the future?

Should we remove the stumps or not?

There is no unanimous opinion on this matter among zamioculcas breeders. Some say that the plant will survive if there is a stump or several in the bush. Others rightly point out that a stump can become an entry gate for infection or allow too much water to reach the plant's tuber and provoke rotting. Therefore, if you are not sure, it is better to remove the stump.

How to properly remove a stump

According to the simplest scheme, removing a stump comes down to cutting it to ground level. In this case, you'll need a very sharp and disinfected tool. Working with a dull knife or secateurs can damage healthy zamioculcas tissue, and the lack of disinfection can lead to infections in the cut. So the first step is to make sure that your instrument is well prepared for the job.

Next, stock up on crushed activated carbon. It has excellent adsorption properties, so it will protect the cut well. When you remove the stump, immediately sprinkle some charcoal on the wound. It should block the access of air and water to the cut site. This will protect the plant from developing an infection. You should also use charcoal to treat any other damage that you accidentally cause to the plant during the process.

After removing the stumps, leave the zamioculcas without watering for about a week. During this time, the cut will harden and you will avoid the risk of water getting into the stem.

Can the stumps be used to propagate zamioculcas?

The short answer is yes, but there are a few nuances. By itself, a stump without leaves cannot be suitable for rooting by cuttings. If you put such a piece of plant in water, it will most likely just rot over time. But if you cut it off together with a fragment of the plant's tuber, you can put it in water and wait for the plant to form new roots. Zamioculcas is quite hardy to withstand such deep pruning. Also, large enough stumps, if planted together with the tuber, can eventually become the basis for a new shoot of the plant. This means that you can use them to propagate zamioculcas by dividing the bush. However, again, take care of the safety of the cut.

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