The past will come knocking: for which signs December will be difficult. Horoscope

What signs will be in a fight in December

There is advice everywhere to leave the past behind, move forward, and focus on the present, but there are times when revisiting the past can be beneficial. This probably means that there are unresolved problems, and the universe can help us correct our mistakes.

Astrologers say that by taking this chance, you will get an opportunity for personal growth and learn important lessons. The past is a valuable teacher that allows you to navigate current circumstances.


December will be a month of unexpected life changes. Get ready for an unexpected message from a former lover. However, don't jump to conclusions. The times when you were attracted to a selfish and destructive personality are irrevocably gone.

Instead, you can reconnect with someone from that long ago - a person with whom you shared moments of joy and struggle. It could be a friend who has parted ways. Now that your life is moving on a new path, where personal and professional affairs are becoming more stable and secure, you may want to reassess some people and events.


You have a very strong intuition, so often events in your life do not come as a complete surprise. You may have even recently had dreams about your ex. Were these dreams a premonition? Anything is possible. One thing is for sure: you can expect to find yourself thinking about this person from your past again.

This relationship, in which you once lost yourself, had a strong and dangerous influence on you. At the end of the year, nostalgia will emerge and make you feel vulnerable. Be careful, because you may fall under the influence of emotions again. You have chosen yourself and freedom and have been able to free yourself from a strong emotional attachment. However, in December, your ex may return to your life. It's not likely that he'll knock on your door - instead, you may actively seek contact or accidentally meet him in an unexpected place. Astrologers note that this meeting will probably only confirm your understanding of why you broke up with this person.


With unwavering determination, you are going to get rid of all old memories to start the new year without drama and emotional instability. But in December, a surprise awaits you: your ex will make himself known and will be eager to meet you. You will find yourself at a crossroads. Around the middle of this month, you may experience some uncertainty that will shake up the past and have a profound effect on the present.

You thought you had expressed all your feelings a long time ago, but suddenly you will feel the urge to revisit the topic. Allow your emotions to come to the surface and muster the courage to engage in the necessary conversation. Thanks to this, you will not only feel relieved, but also gain clarity about the relationship.

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