The most favorable wedding dates in 2024: astrologers' version

Astrologers have named the dates when getting married will be most auspicious

When choosing a wedding date, we consider not only the potential weather on that day and the convenience for all guests but also hope that it will be as auspicious as possible. We wish for the marriage to bring the couple a lifetime of togetherness, unending love, and abundant happiness.

Astrologers can be of assistance in this regard. They have already compiled a list of dates that will be the most auspicious for weddings in 2024.

How to choose a wedding date with astrology

To select a favorable wedding date, it is essential to take into account the positions of planets that may influence the marriage. Here are some of the key planets, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

  • The Sun indicates the common goals of the newlyweds.
  • Venus describes how affection is displayed between partners.
  • The Moon hints at the level of emotional closeness.
  • Saturn provides the structure and discipline necessary for building a life together.

When choosing a wedding date through astrology, experts suggest beginning with Venus, the planet of love, romance, and marriage. Astrologers concur that, on the wedding day, Venus should be in positive conjunction with the Moon. During a Venus retrograde, it is advisable to avoid a wedding.

Speaking of retrogrades, when Mercury undergoes such a motion, it can lead to not only general misunderstandings and mishaps but also bring chaos to the legal documents that need to be formalized post-wedding. Thus, it is advisable not to plan the celebration during this time.

The position of the Moon is vital because it reveals what partners will need from each other to experience emotional fulfillment in married life. It also indicates how love is sought and how others are cared for.

Best Wedding Dates in 2024

The good news is that Venus will not be in retrograde in 2024. However, Mercury will undergo retrograde movement a few times. Nevertheless, astrologers have identified the most auspicious wedding dates for the coming year:

  • January - 20, 25, 27, and 28;
  • February - 9 and 24;
  • March - 1, 2, 15, and 30;
  • May - 3, 9, and 31;
  • June - 1, 14, 19, and 30;
  • July - 1, 11, 21, and 28;
  • August - 1 and 2;
  • September - 1, 19, and 27;
  • October - 2, 12, and 26;
  • November - 1, 2, 14, and 16;
  • December - 17.

As you can see, in April there are no successful dates for a wedding from the astrology point of view of. And all because almost the entire month in retrograde will be Mercury. All such periods in 2024 are excluded from the list.

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