The most expensive hotels in the world: how to spend 1.25 million hryvnias per night

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How do the most expensive hotels of the world look like?

How much does a night in an expensive hotel cost? 5,000, 10,000, 100? How about a million? The most luxurious hotels in the world for this money make tourists relax in paradise. How do luxury rooms look like for thousands of dollars - in the selection of OBOZREVATEL.

5. Laucala Island Resort (Vanua Levu, Fiji) - $ 25 000

Just imagine, the hotel occupies the entire island. Here, on the shore of the ocean among the tropical forests are 25 villas with all the comforts. Guests can stay in homes with mountain, tree or coastal views. There is a choice of large buildings with a swimming pool, sauna and spa, or seclusion among nature.

In any case, all your wishes will be fulfilled by the staff of the complex, assigned separately to each guest. Even the chefs are chosen on the basis of a large competition. They, in turn, must be able to cook any dish, from regular pizza to the delicacies of molecular cuisine.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/13/cli-cny-web-images-rmc-jan-2022-highlight-box0.jpg", "imgWidth":2000, "imgHeight":1250, "title": "Hotel offers a large selection of villas. .", "sourceTxt": "www.comohotels.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

4. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort (Paradise, Bahamas) - $25,000

The largest hotel in the Bahamas resembles an entire city. On its territory there are 4 thousand guest rooms and more than a hundred more rooms for employees, tennis courts, restaurants, swimming pools, water park, casino and golf course. If that's not enough for guests, there's also an underwater oceanarium tunnel. Here you can watch a variety of marine animals, including sharks.

The largest room of the hotel looks like a real king's mansion. There are 10 huge rooms with everything for the best rest: from luxurious beds and sofas to the study and library. All hotel guests also have access to incredible rooftop lounges.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/13/gettyimages-575731039.jpg", "imgWidth":2000, "imgHeight":1333, "title": "The hotel has its own oceanarium.", "sourceTxt":"\n\n", "alt":"\n\n"}

3. Four Seasons (New York, USA) - $34,000

You could say it's an ordinary hotel in Manhattan. But if you go up to the 57th floor, you can see the most expensive room in all of New York. The entire 400-meter penthouse is decorated with gilding and designer pieces. The furniture is custom made by the finest artisans from around the world. And the main highlight is the panoramic windows that offer incredible views of the city.

At the same time, there is a 24-hour spa, massage, access to the restaurant and any other services. There are also original paintings by many renowned artists on the floor.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/13/nyf1296original.jpg", "imgWidth":930, "imgHeight":523, "title": "Guests can enjoy all services 24/7.", "sourceTxt": "www.fourseasons.com", "alt":"\n\n"}

2. Grand Resort Lagonissi (Attica, Greece) - $35,000

Another hotel that occupies the territory of an entire island. Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson once vacationed here. It is not surprising that they chose this paradise for a vacation, because the conditions are really stellar.

The complex consists of several villas, not connected to each other. Each has its own pool, sauna, beach and lounge areas. There is a personal chef, a masseur and a butler. The entire staff works around the clock, so the whims of tourists are fulfilled instantly.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/13/gettyimages-694423254.jpg", "imgWidth":2000, "imgHeight":1125, "title": "The hotel occupies an entire island.", "sourceTxt":"\n\n", "alt":"\n\n"}

1. Grand Hyatt Martinez (Cannes, France) - $45,000

The Presidential Suite, 300 square meters, is not the entire area that guests get for 1 million 249 thousand hryvnias. Room owners also have private access to the terrace, which occupies 270 square meters. It has everything: a heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar, sofas and deck chairs, music centers and giant plasma screens.

Interestingly, you can bring your pets here. True, the place for them costs $40. But you don't even have to walk your pets. A personal butler takes care of all that.

{"imgSrc": "https://i.obozrevatel.com/gallery/2022/1/13/gettyimages-1361409378.jpg", "imgWidth":2000, "imgHeight":1429, "title": "Rooms are pet friendly.", "sourceTxt":"\n\n", "alt":"\n\n"}

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