The mistake that almost all housewives make in the kitchen: an inexpensive but effective life hack

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Proper use of trash bags will reduce the risk of leaks

No matter how durable the garbage bags you purchase are, they still occasionally leak or slip from the edges. As a result, the trash can has to be washed frequently because it absorbs liquid and starts to smell bad.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, this is because most people use these bags incorrectly. There are several life hacks on how to properly line a trash can.

First of all, it is better to use not just one, but 2-3 bags in the bin. This will make it easier to take out the filled one. And if necessary, you will already have an additional safety bag ready to protect both the bin and the entire kitchen from leaks. You simply take out all the bags at once, and you don't have to clean up any spills on the floor or wipe up the unpleasant liquid.

In addition, it's better to line the bag without inserting it into the bucket and then spreading it out at the edges, as most people do. It is better to first place the bag on top like a hat, ensuring it is securely fastened at the edges, and then gently tuck it inside. This way, you'll pull it less, and it's less likely to tear. It's also easier.

And finally, if the bag still slips around the edges of the bucket, you can secure it further. To do this, you can attach small hooks to the outside of the bag to catch on to. The main condition is that the hooks should not be sharp to avoid tearing the material.

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