The loneliest zodiac signs are named: who is on the list

Those born under these signs cannot get out of the sea of loneliness

Being alone doesn't necessarily mean being lonely. Some people like to spend time alone. They can go to a restaurant without company and go on a solo vacation. But for some people, loneliness is not a personal choice, but rather an undesirable consequence of their character.

Astrologers say that it may depend on the zodiac sign a person was born under. They named the six most susceptible signs.


Capricorns put success, wealth, and career above their personal life, which leaves little time for socializing and building relationships. And if this doesn't bother them in their youth, they may regret this behavior later in life. So don't be surprised if you receive a Capricorn's refusal to an invitation to come to a party or date - it's their nature.


Sagittarius' sunny disposition and love of life make them social creatures by nature. They can easily strike up a conversation with anyone, even a complete stranger. But their need for independence and new experiences can make them feel disconnected from reality. They communicate with everyone and no one in particular. Their way of thinking leaves no room for commitment. And in the end, they run the risk of being lonely.


As an air sign, Aquarians rotate in different social circles. But their aloof nature makes it difficult for others to fully understand and accept them. Deep down, they dream of forming deep personal connections, but it's hard for them to open up. They simply don't know how to achieve this. Aquarians are also known for their non-standard ideas and unique character, which, unfortunately, not every partner can handle.


People born under the sign of Virgo are considered perfectionists. And it is this trait that makes them push away people who, in their opinion, do not meet their high standards at least a little. On the other hand, their hypercritical nature can make others give up on relationships with a moody Virgo. It's hard to be around someone who is always looking for something wrong. But the representatives of this sign are not only critical of others, they are also hard on themselves. The difference is that they don't believe they deserve the same support as others. And this can create a vicious circle for them, in which they are always with others, but feel alone in their own struggle.


Cancers are extremely emotional, and this makes them thirsty for communication. But even if they are surrounded by people, they can feel empty if they don't see emotional depth in the relationship. They are not so much looking for the quantity of contacts as the quality. In addition, Cancer is considered the most capricious sign of the zodiac. Their volatile feelings can be difficult for outsiders to understand, and this scares many people away. Therefore, it is difficult for those born under this sign to make acquaintances. Due to their innate nostalgia, Cancers themselves can be obsessed with the past, exes, or those who have run away, rather than living in the present.


This sign is considered the most sensitive. But in many cases, this sensitivity can lead to an acute sense of isolation. Pisces are often detached from reality and have their heads in the clouds because they prefer fantasy to cold, hard facts. This can put them on the lookout for "the one" and make them dwell on their illusions, delusions, and escapism instead of focusing on reality. Pisces are so unable to open up that they are sometimes unable to understand themselves. They are eager to share their rich emotional and creative life with others, but often find it difficult to find like-minded people.

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