The ideal temperature for sleep: research findings

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How to ensure healthy sleep

Everyone has their own "ideal" temperature for sleeping: some people cover themselves with a winter blanket even in summer, while others prefer to fall asleep with the windows open in winter. Scientists have researched to determine what temperature is optimal for sleep.

If the bedroom is too warm, you may find it harder to fall asleep. The House Digest publication told us what temperature in the room is ideal for the body.

The ideal temperature

According to scientists, the ideal temperature for comfortable sleep is about 18 °C.

In general, the most favorable temperature for the body is between 15 °C and 20 °C.

This recommendation applies to both winter and summer. If the temperature seems too low, you can always wear warm pajamas and cover yourself with a blanket.

Temperatures below the optimum will seem uncomfortable, especially when you wake up in the morning. However, it is much worse for the body when the room is too hot.

Alon Avidan, MD, MPH, director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, emphasized that a warm environment counteracts the body's natural cooling process, which occurs when you start to feel drowsy before bed.

The range of 21-23 °C and above can already cause sleep problems and lead to insomnia.

Keeping your bedroom temperature at 18°C is one of the best ways to maintain your body's natural circadian rhythm, which guarantees quality and healthy sleep.

How temperature affects sleep

The circadian rhythm, which dictates the type of "internal clock," ensures that the body temperature drops by about two degrees just before bedtime. This cooling starts two hours before the body starts to feel tired and wants to sleep. This process continues throughout the night to ensure healthy sleep until morning.

When the body's core temperature cools down, the body produces melatonin, a natural sleep hormone. Thus, temperatures above 20 °C can already provoke disturbed sleep, frequent waking in the middle of the night, insomnia, and, as a result, headaches and poor health in the morning.

High temperatures can reduce the amount of time you spend in REM sleep. It is this cycle that plays an important role in the recovery process and helps maintain the immune system. If the bedroom temperature exceeds the optimal range, the REM phase of the sleep cycle will be significantly reduced. This can lead to memory loss and cognitive decline.

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