The ideal place for spathiphyllum in the apartment is named: signs that the flower receives little light

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Spathiphyllum is said to be resistant to shade, but there is a nuance

Spathiphyllums are recommended for people suffering from stress as the sight of their bright greenery calms them down, their flowering is a joy, and caring for the plant can become a great hobby. However, you will get all these benefits only if you keep the flower pot in the right place.

OBOZ.UA asked professional florists for their opinion on where to keep a spathiphyllum to make it feel its best, as well as the main secrets of caring for this wonderful plant, which is also romantically called "peace lily."

It turns out that despite the stereotype of its insensitivity to shade, spathiphyllum does not like to grow in dark places. Yes, it will survive even in such conditions, but there is a huge gap between survival and prosperity, and you may not get flowers from a plant that grows far from the window.

In order for the plant to bloom as often as possible, you need to keep it where there is a lot of sunlight and where the leaves will not get direct rays. If your windows are facing the sunny side, keep the plant at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from them, ideally with a translucent fabric covering the window pane. In shaded rooms, the flower can also be kept directly on the windowsill.

How to tell if your spathiphyllum feels uncomfortable in the existing lighting conditions? Of course, the first sign is the lack of flowering. In this case, the plant should be moved to a brighter place. If the tips of the leaves begin to dry out and curl, it means that there is too much light, and the flower needs to be removed from the sill.

Try to avoid a situation where it begins to drop its leaves due to dry soil. Spathiphyllum is very sensitive to soil moisture and shows signs of wilting as soon as its level drops below a comfortable level. You can restore the plant's condition in a matter of hours by simply watering it. However, such changes can also have a negative impact on the regularity of flowering.

Therefore, check the soil in the spathiphyllum pot for moisture from time to time. If it is 3-4 centimeters dry, add water to the plant. It is better to water the flower often but a little than rarely but too much. Flooding will not do it any good either.

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