The golden rule for all smartphones: when to charge and whether to hold it to 100%

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When to charge your smartphone correctly

Despite the rapid development of technology, smartphone batteries are still their Achilles heel. And whether we're talking about iPhones or Android smartphones from different manufacturers, sooner or later, no matter how powerful the battery is, it will stop holding a charge even during the day.

But there is a golden rule that will extend the life of the battery and make your smartphone last longer. OBOZREVATEL explains how to charge your smartphone properly, so you do not harm it.

Why do batteries deteriorate?

This usually happens because of the way the user uses his gadget, as well as how he charges it.

Installed applications, cache and other residual garbage, the settings you make and the constant notifications from various social networks and messengers all increase the load on the battery and affect how it will perform over time.

But the main reason, of course, is that smartphone batteries, like all batteries, degrade over time and can no longer deliver the same amount of power.

Although a battery should last three to five years or 500 to 1,000 charge cycles, by the third year your battery is likely to perform much worse than new.

In general, there are three factors that lead to wear and tear for lithium-ion batteries: the number of charge cycles, the operating temperature, and age.

However, even if you just charge your smartphone properly, you can extend the life of your battery.

When should you put your smartphone on charge?

The golden rule that everyone should follow is to keep the battery level between 30% and 90% most of the time.

You can also charge your smartphone when the charge level has dropped below 50%, but you should definitely unplug it when it reaches 100% charge.

That's why leaving your smartphone on charge all night might not be the best idea. Especially considering that it's the 80 to 100% charge that affects how quickly the lithium-ion battery will age.

At the same time, fully charging to 100% is not as critical, you just shouldn't do it all the time. Likewise, you shouldn't allow the battery charge level to drop below 20%.

Previously OBOZREVATEL also told about what you should not do while charging your smartphone.

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