The garden will thank you: what fertilizers are applied in March, April and May

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The yield of the garden and vegetable garden depends on the correct feeding in the spring

Not only the quality of food received in spring but also the lushness of the greenery in the garden and the blooming of flowers in the flowerbed depend on the quality of the food received in spring. But do you know what kind of fertilizers should be applied to the soil in March, April, and May?

OBOZ.UA found out how to properly prepare a garden for the warm season. Knowing just a few nuances will help you quickly figure out the fertilizers you need for spring recovery.

Fertilizer formula

Various substances introduced into the soil can be considered nutritious, but three of them are of key importance.

  • Nitrogen (N) – responsible for the growth of the plant's leaf mass, which ensures photosynthesis;
  • phosphorus (P) – helps to form a strong root system;
  • potassium (K) – regulates metabolic processes in the plant, and makes photosynthesis more intense.

Mixtures containing all three components are called NPK fertilizers. You can also add individual substances one by one. They are contained in the following products:

  • nitrogen – ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, urea;
  • phosphorus – superphosphate, bone meal;
  • Potassium – potassium sulfate, potassium salt, Kalimag, etc.

Ammophos contains nitrogen and phosphorus, nitrophosphate contains all three main components, and there are also mixtures with other trace elements.

Plant nutrition in different spring months

Spring is a time of intensive plant development and their need for nutrition changes literally from week to week. Therefore, it is necessary to distribute the application of substances correctly, depending on the spring month.


As soon as the snow melts and the meltwater drains away, it's time for the first soil enrichment. It is important to add enough nitrogen at this stage. It will strengthen berry and fruit crops that have been weakened during the winter and allow them to quickly resume vegetation. Pay attention to urea, ammonium nitrate, and other nitrogen fertilizers.


This month marks the beginning of the flowering season in the garden and orchard. Plants need to strengthen their immune system and help develop their root system. Therefore, the emphasis should be on phosphorus, for example, by fertilizing crops with superphosphate.

In the second half of the month, when the temperature is stable, it's time to fertilize plants with potassium, which will help increase plant resistance to pests and diseases. Kalimag, potassium salt, or potassium sulfate are suitable for this purpose.


Many crops end flowering and begin fruit growth. At this stage, it is recommended to apply prepared organic matter such as manure, vermicompost, and compost. This will help improve the soil structure, and make it more water and air permeable. Also in May, you can use complex mineral fertilizers that will provide plants with all the necessary substances during the period of active development.

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