The full moon on January 25 will significantly affect every zodiac sign: what changes are predicted

The first full moon of the year will take place in Leo and will be dedicated to the self

The first full moon of the year is always about honoring the self. In January 2024, it will occur on the 25th at 19:54 Kyiv time and will take place in the fire sign of Leo.

Astrologers say that this full moon will bring destruction, transformation, and rebirth of everything we hide under the surface, a clash between our personal and public. Find out what this means for each zodiac sign individually below.


Allow your inner child to emerge. Unless you're exploring a new hobby or form of self-expression, you're probably looking forward to the opportunity to let loose and have fun. You are now called to follow your heart and stay true to yourself. If you find yourself suddenly questioning the fundamentals of friendship or social interaction, don't ignore what catches your attention. The same goes for your professional goals and aspirations. Prioritize your values and trust your intuition.


Pay more attention to your home, whether it's something that already exists or something you're just creating. The Full Moon will highlight everything from your emotional foundations to the dynamics of your childhood upbringing. If you are hesitant to take the initiative in your personal life and do what brings you joy, think about why you can't afford it. The hidden truths of your personality may come out and affect your reputation.


It's impossible to be too inquisitive or perceptive. But you will almost achieve this during the Full Moon. You will be unrestrained in your communication. And even careless in some ways. You will want to speak up. You will finally understand the subtleties of the shadow side of your belief system and worldview. And this will give you food for great reflection. Discuss it with others. But try not to lose sight of whether you can trust your interlocutor.


Look at all you have and honor your unique set of talents. The Full Moon will emphasize the money sphere, from your financial habits to your ability to make money doing what you love. It's time to question whether your investments have real value and whether they align with your vision for the future. If you're overly addicted to online shopping or unconsciously compare yourself to people you follow on social media, you might want to consider whether you're losing yourself in the process.


The Full Moon will be in your sign, and that means so much! Even though you feel just as comfortable in the spotlight, this astrological event marks a period of celebration, completion, and emotional climax. Raise a toast to your authenticity, courage, and willpower because your personal and professional accomplishments are worth celebrating. Your professional life is currently undergoing a change and you are questioning your role in a certain community. Think about what you stand for by accepting these changes.


You often hold back when it comes to your emotions, but in order to heal, you need to let go. If you've been unconsciously neglecting your inner child or perhaps investing energy in a relationship without reciprocation, sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of another, stop and think about where you're going wrong here. Luckily, your newly acquired belief system and sense of awareness will help you with this.


The January Full Moon energizes your sphere of connections, community, and personal freedom. You are encouraged to open your heart and explore other ways to interact with your social circle and the rest of society. You may discover hidden aspects of your personality and find new ways to express yourself. You may be worried about being rejected. But isn't it sometimes more important to get your point across?


Finally show your talents. Not that you need a special occasion to celebrate your recent accomplishments, but the Full Moon will force you to recognize how far you've come in moving toward your goals. You are capable of making big decisions, especially regarding your role in the professional community. If you worry a lot about your job title and position at work, consider how your experience with family can affect your work decision-making.


You've never forgotten to look at the world optimistically, but this is a bit of a disruption to your realistic view of the world. The Full Moon will bring clarity and highlight all the nuances of your personal growth and new outlook. Be modest, don't try to bite off more than you can swallow. Honesty is the key to your success, so embrace this new journey with optimism and practicality. People in your inner circle may disagree with you - remember that this is normal and can also be beneficial.


Now you are slowly realizing the authenticity of your connections and whether they are in line with the person you really are. Whether it's emotionally or financially, it's important to consider whether your relationships and pursuits are worth the resources you're putting into them. This is especially true when it comes to anything that has to do with your sense of self-pride. You may face challenges in the area of your own personal values and aspirations. Don't worry, this crisis will bring you renewal and a deeper understanding of yourself.


Despite the fact that you are a freedom-loving air sign, partnerships are now a priority for you. They will require your full attention or at least a second look at problematic issues. Your role in society is changing now. This may cause some tension in communication. But don't be afraid to talk to people and listen to what they have to say. You can gain a lot of valuable information.


The hard days of hard work are behind you. It's time to thank yourself for all your best qualities - your courage and consistency. Don't forget that you are the architect of your life. And that prioritization is crucial to your success and well-being. You may feel a subconscious urge to give back to your community. But don't forget to keep an eye on the balance of personal and social.

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