The fragrance will be remembered by all guests: how to make your home smell pleasant

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You can fill your home with pleasant scents using natural ingredients

Just as a drop of perfume completes a fashionable look, a pleasant scent creates an atmosphere in your home. That's why there are so many home fragrance options on the market. Most of them are synthetic, which might feel good, but some, especially simple and mass-produced options, are not very pleasant either. Meanwhile, the question of how to make your home smell nice can be easily solved with natural remedies.

OBOZREVATEL has collected several recipes on how to flavor your home. All of them are exclusively natural and quite durable.


Most people love the aroma of coffee, even those who don't drink it. Coffee can act as a deodorizer, eliminating unpleasant odors. The odor in the kitchen can be removed by simply frying a few tablespoons of ground coffee in a dry frying pan. The powder will need to be constantly stirred so that it does not burn. In other rooms, you can place bowls of ground coffee. It will absorb the odor and fill the room with a pleasant aroma. It is better to pour the coffee into a wide container, so it will give off the aroma more effectively. You can also make a candle holder from coffee beans in a jar. Just dip a tea light into them. While it burns, the aroma will be released by the heat quite distinctly.

Green tea

The aroma of this drink is not as intense, but it is just as good at deodorizing rooms. For a while, hang dry green tea bags in all places where there is air movement (in doorways, on windows), as well as in the center of the rooms you want to freshen. After that, create a draft everywhere. If you need to quickly get rid of a foreign odor in a room, bring in a large container of very strong green tea. Leave it to cool, during which time it will fill the room with its bitter smell, which will soon disappear and leave only fresh air behind.

Live plants

Remember how wonderful it smells in the vegetable section of the supermarket when fresh basil or mint is displayed there? Aromatic herbs can also be grown on the windowsill. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, the plant will sprout anyway. Its leaves can be cut off for cooking - this will only make the smell stronger for a while. Flowering plants such as indoor jasmine, lavender, or orchid can also improve the aroma of the house. Or some type of conifer suitable for growing at home. A good idea is a bonsai pine.


This decoration was invented in the East, and it came to Europe in the Middle Ages. The ball-shaped accessory was filled with essential oil and worn as an addition to an outfit, decorated with a rosary, and used to stylize the interior with large pomanders. You can make a pomander for your home from fruit or flowers. For example, at Christmas, people often take an orange, any other citrus or apple and make many holes in it, into which they insert dried clove buds, a popular aromatic seasoning that can be found in any supermarket. Cloves can be used to make whole ornaments on the fruit and decorate it with ribbons or beads. A floral pomander is made from any flowers that are assembled into a ball-shaped decoration. For example, they can be stuck into a damp floral sponge. The disadvantage of such a floral decoration is its short life. On the plus side, it is extremely beautiful.


A scented sachet doesn't look as decorative as a pomander, but it smells so good. A sachet is a paper or linen pillow with a scented filling. It can be flower petals, fragrant wood, citrus peel, spices, herbs, etc. You can mix the scent to your liking and add essential oils and aromatic essences to the filler. Taking into account the properties of the scents, you can create soothing sachets for the bedroom or stimulating ones for the workplace. There are many options. Such a fragrance can be left in closets to make clothes and linen smell nice, or it can be placed in rooms.

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