These four zodiac signs are the most sensitive: they can make a scandal out of nothing and hold a grudge for a long time

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The most vulnerable zodiac signs

Some people are more vulnerable than others. It is difficult for them to forgive, and they can hold a grudge against those who have hurt them for a very long time.

Santeplusmag astrologers have named four of the most resentful zodiac signs. They can make a scandal and hold a grudge.


In relationships, natives of this sign often need to be reassured as they lack self-confidence. They take offense at the slightest remark and can cause a loud scandal. If they are betrayed, it will be difficult for them to forgive. They can take revenge if they have been deceived.


Pisces is one of the most resentful signs. If you are in a relationship with people of this sign, you should know that they will not tolerate lies. Pisces are proud and arrogant, and for this reason they often feel unable to forgive. People of this sign find it difficult to trust others. They are often offended and isolate themselves.


Virgos can be tough and demanding in their relationships with others, but at the same time, they are very vulnerable at heart. People of this sign have trouble managing emotions, and if they are offended, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.


Natives of this sign can take offense even if you've done nothing. It may be just because you stood out more than they did. Leos can get angry or hold a grudge mainly because of insecurity. They need their environment to admire and respect them.

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