The five most resentful zodiac signs are named: they can break off a relationship over a trifle

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Zodiac signs that are the easiest to offend

Some zodiac circle are very vulnerable. They react painfully to the slightest criticism and can easily break off relationships.

Donnamoderna astrologers have identified the five most resentful zodiac signs. Find out who is on the list.


Sensitive Cancers are very irritable and can experience excessive suffering due to a misunderstood word. They usually withdraw or cry.


Mysterious Pisces are especially vulnerable and are offended if they feel criticized for no apparent reason. They are also characterized by shyness.


At the beginning, Scorpios tolerate remarks without showing indignation. However, they "explode" after some time, causing the interlocutor to be surprised. The natives of the sign do not forget the offense.


Representatives of this sign try their best to accept criticism. However, they also feel deep pain and react aggressively. They become very irritable and can break off relations with a loved one over trifles.


Impulsive Aries, when frustrated and angry, can say rash words. It's very difficult for them to restrain the negative emotions and reflect on their reaction.

What all zodiac signs need for happiness

Aries. They need to understand that there is no perfect world and accept the shortcomings, both their own and other people's, ETimes writes.

Taurus. Natives of this sign need to find a balance between work and personal life.

Gemini. They need to learn how to tell the truth because it will make it possible to build a truly happy relationship.

Cancer. They need to surround themselves with positive people who will support them in both good and bad times. This will allow the natives of the sign to achieve great heights and inspire them to new feats.

Libra. They attract people with their confidence, but they need to learn to be themselves and accept defeat with dignity.

Virgo. They are considered perfectionists, which often hinders their personal lives. Natives of the sign need to take life easier and criticize people less, otherwise they may end up lonely.

Libra. They need to find a balance in all aspects of their lives and not focus only on work. Find time to relax and hang out with friends.

Scorpios. They do not know how to forgive offenses, which hinders their lives. Natives of this sign need to learn to let go of the past.

Sagittarius. They have no insecurities and are ready to do the most crazy things. However, true happiness can only come from harmony in love.

Capricorn. They will be happy in a relationship where they love and are loved.

Aquarius. They need to accept who they are and ignore the criticism of others if it is unfounded.

Pisces. They should stop worrying about the future because it will ruin their present. Just live in the moment and enjoy every day.

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