The easiest way to whiten a toilet bowl: the main ingredient is named

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After cleaning with vinegar, the toilet bowl will shine again

Even a perfectly white toilet bowl can become dull, grayish, or yellowish during use. Especially in the absence of regular cleaning. But do not get upset. It can return it to its former whiteness.

As learned OBOZREVATEL, to clean the toilet bowl will help one simple and cheap remedy. It is the usual white vinegar.

Vinegar can be combined with any liquid detergent. To do this, you need to mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water in a spray bottle, adding a tablespoon of any liquid soap. It can be dishwashing liquid, laundry soap and even shampoo or shower gel. The main thing is to whip the resulting mixture into a foam.

Then this mixture should be generously applied to the walls of the toilet bowl and give it 10 minutes to act. After that, the surface is thoroughly cleaned with a brush. All of the main impurities must leave.

The next step is to treat the toilet bowl with pure vinegar. It, too, should be left for 10 minutes. And then once again clean the walls and rinse the toilet bowl with water.

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