The easiest way to clean your washing machine: no expensive products and minimal effort

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How to clean the entire washing machine

An unpleasant odor on clothes can be caused by a dirty washing machine. The equipment needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, mold and limescale can form in the drum and powder container.

A cleaning expert has shared the easiest way to clean all the elements of the appliance, Express writes.

Karen Barrigan, a cleaning expert at Housetastic.co.uk, explained how to clean all the elements, including the drum, detergent tray and filter.

The easiest and most effective way to clean the drum of a washing machine is to run an empty cycle.

"To do this, add a little detergent directly to the drum and turn on a fairly high temperature, about 60°C," Karen suggests.

The high temperatures will help kill mold and germs, as well as remove mildew, powder build-up and limescale.

After the cycle is complete, clean out the detergent and softener containers: these containers are also often soiled and are usually neglected.

In a dark and humid environment, fungal spores multiply actively. It is mold in the detergent tray that is the most common cause of unpleasant odors on clothes.

"You just need to take out the container and clean it with an old toothbrush using, for example, dishwashing liquid," Karen said.

The next step is to clean the filter, which is located at the bottom of the machine. Despite being one of the most important and dirtiest areas, the filter is often forgotten about because it is usually hidden behind a small valve. The filter prevents fibers and dirt from entering the drum, so it is important to clean it regularly.

The first step is to drain the water. Place a bowl under the drain tube and then unscrew the filter. Usually, you just need to turn the filter to the left and then pull it out, but it is better to use the manufacturer's instructions to make sure you are doing the right thing.

"Empty the filter so that the dirt and stagnant water comes out," Karen advised.

Then you need to wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

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