The debris of downed Russian missiles was found in the Kyiv region: a house was damaged. Photo

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On the morning of Tuesday, May 9, the Russian terrorist country once again attacked Ukrainian territory with missiles. In the Kyiv region, air defense forces destroyed all airborne forces, but debris damaged a private house.

This was reported in his Telegram channel by the head of the Kyiv region police Andrei Nebytov. Residents of the region were urged not to ignore reports of the air alert.

"Parts of an enemy missile were found in the territory of a settlement in one of the districts of the region. There is the partial destruction of civilian infrastructure. But thanks to the skillful work of the AFU air defense, it was possible to avoid human casualties and turn another Russian cruise missile into scrap metal," Nebytov said.


In addition, according to the police general, law enforcers found the wreckage of another downed enemy cruise missile found in a district of Kyiv region. The parts of the occupant's weapon fell on the field. There is no damage or destruction.

"Note to everyone, if you have found parts of missiles, drones. Do not touch explosive objects, report the finding to special services, and limit access to the place where the debris fell," - urged Nebytov.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, during the Russian air attack on Ukraine on the morning of May 9, defenders shot down a number of enemy missiles in Kyiv's airspace. As a result of the fall of their debris, there was a fire in the yard of a house in the Goloseevsky district, there is no information about the victims.

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