The best way to descale a kettle: it will use less electricity

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Limescale not only spoils drinks but also increases electricity bills

We often treat limescale in the kettle as an unavoidable nuisance, not something we should worry about. Meanwhile, limescale in the appliance can increase your energy bills. It impedes heat transfer inside the kettle and takes more time and energy to heat the water. Just 3 mm of scale can increase energy consumption by up to 25%. In addition, limescale can flake off and end up in your drinks. Therefore, experts advise you to have an effective way to descale your kettle.

According to the Express, household appliance experts advise using a product that is available in almost every kitchen. We are talking about food acids such as white vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid.

Fill the kettle to the level where there limescale ends with a mixture of water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Alternatively, you can use water with the juice of one lemon or one sachet of citric acid. Leave the product to act for an hour and then boil the cleaning mixture. It is enough to boil vinegar or citric acid once, while lemon juice may require 2-3 boils.

After that, let the kettle cool down and rinse it thoroughly several times. You can gently scrub the walls and bottom with the stiff side of a sponge to remove any residue that has not dissolved but has become much softer and more pliable.

If you want to avoid limescale in the future, use only filtered water for boiling. This can be a filter pitcher, a stationary filter, or separately purchased pre-filtered water. A stationary filter that softens tap water will also protect your washing machine and dishwasher. However, it will, of course, cost significantly more.

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