The best way to clean the cat's litter box: the smell will disappear instantly

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Strong-smelling product can scare the cat away from the litter box forever

Keeping the cat litter box clean is a whole science. After all, owners always want to freshen it as much as possible to get rid of the smell, and the fluffy "owner" does not tolerate strong odors and may even refuse to use the toilet, which smells like "spring flowers", "frosty freshness" or, God forbid, some disinfectants. But then the question arises, what to clean the cat litter box, so there was no smell?

OBOZREVATEL gathered the main recommendations of felinologists and veterinarians in this regard. The main ones are as follows: cleaning should be regular and can not be done with aggressive chemicals or means with a strong fragrance. It is best to carry out a general cleaning of the litter box once a week.

Hot Water

An effective and safe way to clean the litter tray is to fill it with very hot water and leave it for a few minutes, then go over the walls and bottom with a brush and rinse again with boiling water to get rid of bacteria. This cleaning can be done more often. As a rule, a hot wash on a weekly basis is sufficient.

Baking soda

Ordinary baking soda has a strong deodorizing effect and rinses well from surfaces. It is safe to clean even pet bowls, let alone a litter box. The baking soda can be added to the water during the soaking process. It can also be used as an abrasive to remove stains and stubborn dirt.

Dish detergent

Not all liquids are suitable for cleaning the cat litter box. First of all, it must be odorless. It is better to take the one intended for children's dishes - it is the softest and safest. Add a few drops while soaking the tray, and then rinse it a few times to be sure.

Laundry soap

A weak solution of laundry soap - grated on a shaving bar or liquid - will also wash the tray well. You can also take any other mild soap for household use, as long as it does not have a strong odor. This is especially true for citrus-scented products, cats do not like it especially much.

Hydrogen peroxide

A small amount of peroxide can be applied to the tray if you want to disinfect it. For example, the product can be sprayed on a washed container and left on for a few minutes. But after that you will still need to rinse the peroxide off thoroughly.

Special products

Special sprays, liquids or powders for eliminating cat litter odor are available at any pet store. They are based on substances that are safe for the animal and can prevent the odor for quite a long time. As a rule, it is necessary to treat the litter, but you can also apply them in small quantities during the washing of the litter box.

What categorically not to wash the cat litter box

Do not use bleach, especially chlorine-based bleach. Some cats love the smell of chlorine and even get "drunk" on it, but even then it will not do the animal any good. Means on the basis of ammonia also under a ban - their caustic smell will scare the cat away from the litter box. It is quite possible that forever. You should also not use vinegar. Some pet owners use it to teach their cats to tag in the corners, so it is obviously not the best idea to clean the pet's litter box with this product.

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