The best guardians: which dog breeds are suitable for protection

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Cane Corso, Akita, and Malinois will not only be good friends but also loyal guardians

One of the most valued qualities in dogs is their ability to be good protectors, and some breeds are naturally inclined towards this behavior, categorizing them as watchdogs. Typically, these breeds exhibit a strong sense of attachment to their family, along with traits such as alertness, observation, intelligence, and obedience. The ideal watchdog is often large, fearless, and easily trainable.

The Spruce Pets publication highlights ten breeds where these qualities are most pronounced, making them both good defenders and companions. However, it's crucial to train them to avoid aggression, finding a delicate balance between defense and restraint.


Bred to protect the imperial family and nobility in feudal Japan, Akitas are brave, alert, and exhibit a suspicious attitude towards strangers. Loyalty to their owners is a hallmark of this breed, and they often perform guard duties naturally. Proper socialization is essential to temper aggression.

Belgian Shepherd, or Malinois

Favored by police and military personnel, Malinois is active, athletic, and excels in agility, search and rescue. With high energy levels, they thrive on work and training, facilitating better socialization.


Originally bred by gamekeepers to protect against poachers, Bullmastiffs can be intimidating by appearance but are naturally attached to their families. Systematic training is required to strengthen their guarding instincts.

Cane Corso

Bred for guard, fighting, and hunting, the Cane Corso's large size, heavy build, and dark color naturally deter intruders. Training should focus on obedience and honing natural skills.

German Shepherd Dog

Versatile in tasks, German Shepherds demonstrate loyalty but may show fearfulness without proper training. Extensive and focused training is necessary.

Doberman Pinscher

Contrary to myths, Dobermans are affectionate, obedient, and can be playful. Proper training refutes their bad reputation, making them impeccable and independent guards.

Komondor, or Polovtsian dog

Recognizable by its white coat in dreadlocks, Komondors were bred to protect livestock and property. Affectionate with family, they are reserved and suspicious of strangers, requiring proper socialization.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Initially bred for hunting large animals, Ridgebacks are affectionate and loyal protectors. While they don't require specific training for guarding skills, special classes enhance these skills.


Despite a reputation for aggressiveness, Rottweilers can be affectionate with humans and fearless protectors. Socialization, structure, and tasks define their daily activities.

Tibetan Mastiff

Historically guarding caravans and herds in the Himalayas, Tibetan Mastiffs are vigilant giants. While calm with their families, they distrust strangers, necessitating special training and education.

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