The best and worst emojis for dating and flirting have been named

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Choosing the right emoji can increase your chances of getting a date

Few people in the modern world are looking for romantic partners using the "old-fashioned" methods of meeting people on the street or in a cafe. Such flirtations are more likely to arouse suspicion or anxiety than a desire to make a date.

Everything has now moved online. People meet on social media, on thematic resources, or use special dating apps. Accordingly, many people communicate via text messages even before the first date. And where there are text messages, there are emojis, or as they are also called emoticons. The authors of Adobe's Future of Creativity: 2022 U.S. Emoji Trend Report, which is entirely dedicated to the use of emojis, have ranked the best and worst icons for romantic messages.

It might seem like a silly thing, but not really - 72% of Americans who use emojis would definitely use them in their flirtation messages. At the same time, 38% of those under the age of 30 said they were unlikely to start a relationship with someone who didn't use emojis. So, not only are emoticons not out of fashion, but it's also important to know how to use them correctly. So here are the three best and three worst images to use in romantic messages, selected by a poll.

Top 3 most popular emojis for online flirting

😘 - a kiss, what could be more appropriate in a romantic message?

🥰 - a face in hearts conveys a loving mood better than any other emoji

😍 - a loving look with heart eyes will say more than a whole sheet of text

The 3 least popular emojis that can even ruin your date plans

💩 - the poop emoticon is unlikely to increase your attractiveness to a pen pal

😠 - no one wants to go on a date with angry people

🍆 - firstly, it is quite difficult to come up with a context in which an eggplant could make a message more romantic (although this is a good creative task), and secondly, it has a "slang" meaning, it means male genitals, and waving it around before the first kiss is a bit too fast, isn't it?

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