Temperature at which you need to dress dogs in winter and breeds that freeze the fastest are named

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Small and smooth-haired dogs need more insulation than large and shaggy dogs

As the temperature drops, owners start taking their dogs out in cute jackets, sweaters, overalls, and vests. Not only small breeds that shiver in the cold are dressed in this way, but also quite large dogs. It looks awfully cute, but sometimes it raises the question: is it really necessary?

Veterinarians say that dog fashion is not a simple whim of the owners. Some breeds really need clothes that will keep them warm. OBOZ.UA asked when it's time to insulate your pet and who really needs it.

When is it time to dress your dog

Veterinarians do not have a single opinion on this matter. They advise to focus on the condition and behavior of each particular pet. For example, bald and small dogs, such as Italian greyhounds. Chinese crested, or Toy Terriers, should be insulated at +15 degrees. When the temperature drops closer to 0, all short-haired dogs - from pugs to Dobermans - should be dressed.

Older dogs, puppies, pregnant, and animals with poor health are in particular need of clothing. Their bodies regulate their body temperature a little worse, so a jacket will come in handy. If you notice that your pet is shivering during a walk, it's a sure sign that they can't do without clothes. It is better to prevent such hypothermia, so if you doubt, just take a vest that is easy to put on your dog with you for a walk.

A separate item here is dog raincoats, which can be worn even in the warm season. Their function is not so much to warm the animal as to protect it from dirt. You will spend less time and effort washing your dog when you get home, and it will be able to run around in the wet grass.

Who definitely does not need clothes

Do not dress large and very shaggy dogs. Pekingese, Pomeranian, or Chow Chow can even overheat if you dress them in something warm. Large breeds such as Huskies, Malamutes, Newfoundlands, Samoyeds, or German Shepherds do not need insulation. Their body size and thick fur protect them from any frost.

It is also important not to get so carried away with dog fashion that you dress your dog at home. At room temperature, any dog feels quite comfortable and does not need insulation. If you dress it up even in a thin T-shirt, it may get heat stroke.

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