Sprouts will feel great: how to prepare pepper and tomato seeds for sowing

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Seedlings need not only long-term germination but also seed disinfection

Anyone who has ever tried to grow peppers or tomatoes from seedlings knows how difficult it can be to germinate the seeds of these crops. They take a long time to germinate and young plants remain very sensitive and vulnerable for a long time.

However, experienced gardeners know one trick that will help strengthen seedlings. OBOZ.UA tells you about this simple but effective life hack.

First of all, it's important to know that peppers and tomatoes take a long time to germinate and grow stronger. Therefore, you need to sow the seeds at least a month before transferring the plants to the open ground. And even more is better.

And before you put the seeds in a seedling box, they need to be disinfected. This is because pathogens can often live on the seed without showing any signs of their presence. But once they get into the soil, they lead to the death of the sprouts. These two substances can be used for disinfection.


You need to immerse the seeds in this pharmacy product for 5 minutes. After that, they should be taken out, dried naturally on a paper towel, and stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Potassium permanganate

A concentrated solution of potassium permanganate, which has a dark purple color, will help disinfect the seeds. To prepare the product of the required concentration, you will need to take half a teaspoon of powder and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. The seeds are also immersed in this liquid for 5 minutes. Then they need to be dried and stored.

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