Some breeds of dogs can disappear: the rarest breeds

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You won't come across an Otterhound, Azawakh, or Lagotto Romagnolo on the street just like that

We are used to seeing Labradors, Spaniels, Dachshunds, or Yorkshire Terriers on the streets - they are popular dogs that many people keep at home. But not all of the approximately 360 breeds are as popular. Some dogs are so rare that meeting them is a real event.

The Petplan publication told us about the five least common breeds. Their representatives are so few in number that they may disappear. Although they are wonderful animals, they deserve more attention.

Norwegian Lundehund

Some breeds of dogs can disappear: the rarest breeds

An ancient and unique breed originating from the islands off the coast of Norway. These dogs have an unusual reddish color and are able to hunt puffins, brightly colored birds that live on rocks. So, the Lundehund is able to overcome these rocky obstacles with dexterity. All thanks to the six toes on its front paws, mobile ears, and a very flexible neck. The breed almost disappeared during the Second World War, but Norwegian breeders made efforts to bring it out of danger. Now they are just very rare dogs. Owners appreciate them for their affectionate and cheerful nature, which makes Lundehunds wonderful family pets.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Some breeds of dogs can disappear: the rarest breeds

Curly-haired dogs, somewhat similar to poodles, come from the Italian region of Romagna. They were bred back in the Middle Ages to hunt ducks in the marshes. The result was strong, muscular dogs with waterproof coats and a great sense of smell. Later, the Lagotto Romagnolo was taught to search for truffles and now it is the only dog breed officially entrusted with this job. In the 1970s, the breed almost disappeared, but Italian experts revived it. Modern Lagotto Romagnolo are very intelligent, energetic, and sociable, they are easy to train and love long walks. But they will not pass a single puddle on their way - the "swampy" past is evident.


Some breeds of dogs can disappear: the rarest breeds

The graceful and unusually long-legged dog was born on the border of the Sahara Desert and the fertile southern lands in the Sahel region of Africa. It is a unique hunting dog that can hunt using its eyesight rather than its sense of smell. Azawaks are also excellent guardians, as they have long guarded the tents of desert nomads. The character of the breed is more like a cat's - they are very independent, but not too open to communicating with strangers and can be somewhat shy. But a good owner will help such an animal become more open.


Some breeds of dogs can disappear: the rarest breeds

Giant (up to 50 kg) hounds with a characteristic mane of thick hair come from the area on the border of England and Scotland. According to experts, there are now even fewer of them left than white rhinos - the number of dogs does not reach even 1000 worldwide. The name of the breed comes from the English word otter. They were bred to protect commercial fish from these aquatic predators. But after otter hunting was banned in the UK, there was no longer a need for Otterhounds, and the number of dogs began to decline. Although it is a good-natured and funny dog, known for its calm disposition and sensitive nature. Such an animal will be a great companion for walks, although you will have to clean up after it - the Otterhounds are untidy in their food and like to play in the mud.


Some breeds of dogs can disappear: the rarest breeds

Shaggy dogs were bred in the 19th century in Hungary and are now rarely seen anywhere outside of Eastern Europe. There are fewer than 1000 of them left in the world. Originally, their task was to herd cattle, so they are intelligent, strong, independent, and active dogs. Moodies also perform well as security guards. They are very energetic and inquisitive dogs that love attention and physical contact with their owners. By its characteristics, the breed is most similar to the much more popular Border Collie.

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