Six simple things that almost all Soviet women were ashamed of

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Women in the USSR were ashamed of things that are familiar today

The excessive number of moral "rules" and generally accepted norms of behavior in the Soviet Union was especially acutely felt by women. Public condemnation caused severe anxiety among beautiful women every day, forcing them to often deny themselves seemingly ordinary things.

We are talking about actions that were not prohibited at the legislative level but were sharply criticized in society. OBOZREVATEL has collected six things that made Soviet women feel ashamed (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Personal hygiene products

One of the most taboo topics among women was menstruation. Talking about menstrual problems was considered uncultured and inappropriate, and buying pads in front of other customers seemed like a real problem.

One of the most taboo topics among women was menstruation


Few women in the Soviet Union could openly admit to smoking cigarettes. The fact is that smoking was considered an exclusively male activity for a long time and women were condemned for it, blaming possible health problems.


Beautiful lace lingerie was not available to many women during the Soviet era. The desire to buy a set of such a sexy part of the wardrobe could be interpreted in society as promiscuity.

Bright makeup

Excessive attention to appearance and the desire to stand out from the crowd were also not welcomed in the Soviet Union. It was inappropriate for women to show that they had time to put on bright makeup as this would mean that they did not spend it on housework or raising children.

Women were ashamed to wear bright makeup

Not doing household chores

Household duties were perhaps the most important part of Soviet women's lives. It is hard to imagine that they would have preferred to meet friends or attend a corporate event, leaving the cleaning to their husbands, children, or a domestic worker.

Atypical clothing

As you know, it was difficult to find an outfit in the USSR that was significantly different from the looks of millions of other women. And places that sold clothes from abroad were considered "exclusive" and shopping there often raised questions in society about where the fashionista got the money. In addition, an atypical look immediately caught the eye, and therefore its owner became the subject of discussion and envy.

Atypical clothing was a subject of discussion in society

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