Should strawberry bushes be pruned for the winter: how not to spoil the future harvest

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Gardeners are advised not to cut the leaves of the strawberries before wintering

At the end of summer, it's time to prepare strawberries for winter so that next year the plant will again delight with a good harvest. Most gardeners transplant the plant's runners. But some also cut off the leaves on the bushes.

OBOZREVATEL figured out whether it is worth doing and how to properly care for strawberries before wintering.

Experts say that in August, strawberry bushes grow new leaves, which will protect the plant from cold and snow in winter. There is no point in cutting them off. It's better to let the leaves fade naturally over the fall. In this case, they will protect the root system of the strawberry on frosty nights.

In the spring, the plant will also begin to wake up from the root system, and it will need last year's leaves for this. First of all, they will provide the roots with the food they need for germination. That's why you don't need to cut the leaves from strawberries at the end of the season. This can harm the plant.

But when you need to remove leaves from berry bushes, they show signs of disease. In this case, removing the damaged parts is a mandatory stage of treatment. If this is not done, the infection can spread and destroy the entire plant.

Another question that worries inexperienced gardeners is whether to cover strawberries for the winter. This plant is quite hardy. The root system survives even if the temperature drops to -25 degrees in winter. If you want to give the strawberries additional cover, just don't cut off the leaves. It will be enough to protect the plant in winter.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you how to transplant strawberries in the fall.

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