See through everyone: which three zodiac signs are very good at reading people

Which three zodiac signs are very good at reading people

In astrology, your ruling planet plays a major role in how you read people. If your sign is ruled by Saturn or Pluto, you're likely to be able to tell the character and intentions of others right away.

Astrologers have compiled a list of such signs. This is a useful ability that helps you choose the right social circle in life.


Being an air sign, Libras strive to always have balance in all areas of life. This means that they immediately notice when someone is acting suspiciously. Libras have their own "lie detector" that helps them get to know a person better.

It is because of this ability that this sign is often called a judge. People born under this constellation hold the scales and think carefully before letting someone into their lives. This makes them good at choosing friends and romantic partners.


Scorpio can quickly determine your true character, even if you try hard to hide it. This sign is ruled by Pluto, which means that Scorpios are able to see a deeper meaning in everyone's words and actions. Their intuition never fails in choosing friends.

Scorpio can see someone's bright inner personality, even if it is hidden behind anxiety or self-doubt. That's why this sign is a good influence on friends, helping them to realize their potential.


This sign is ruled by Saturn, so Capricorns easily perceive information and can unravel a person's true character. They understand what others are thinking from the moment they shake hands with someone. Being an earth sign, they like to apply this skill in their professional life.

Capricorns can tell if someone has potential at work so that they don't waste time training the person. They also surround themselves with caring and good friends and loving partners. If someone is not right for them, they are not afraid to cut ties.

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