Scary beast in a pond caused a stir online: what does the "alien" look like

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Black sea hare

Nature hides many more secrets, so from time to time people encounter strange creatures that are truly terrifying. Recently, a video with a terrifying creature that looks like an "alien" has shaken the web.

The video appeared on the OddIy Terrifying channel and gained millions of views. In fact, scientists say that there is no need to be afraid, because eyewitnesses filmed a black sea hare, which is a type of giant snail.

It is the largest species of sea snail that lives in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. In particular, they have been spotted off the coast of California in the US and near Mexico.

The black sea hare can weigh 14 kg and grow up to 100 cm. It is a herbivore that consumes brown seaweed and kelp. Its diet is the reason for its typical and very dark colour.

Black sea hares live for about one year, but grow very quickly. Their large size protects them from other predators - not everyone risks attacking this giant snail.

Unlike most members of their species, black sea hares are unable to produce ink as a defence mechanism. That is why they produce toxins from compounds derived from their food. Brown algae produce the toxin acetoxycrenulide. During digestion, the black fur seal extracts this compound and allows it to accumulate in its tissue. Since acetoxycrenulide is highly toxic to fish, its presence is sufficient to prevent predation.

Giant snails are called sea hares because of their rabbit ear-like processes.

By the way, a strange creature that looked like an "alien" was recently spotted off the coast of the UK. It had a translucent head, a long tail and fins. Read more about it in the article.

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