Russia plans to send grain stolen in Ukraine to Africa: details of the plan of the invaders have surfaced

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The Kremlin plans to send grain stolen in Ukraine to Africa

The Kremlin is planning to export to Africa the grain that was stolen from the temporarily seized territories of Ukraine. The "free" grain that Russian dictator Putin "promised" to African countries after Russia withdrew from the "grain agreement" will be stolen from the seized territories in Zaporizhzhya.

This was reported on July 30 in the Center of national resistance. They noted that the failed for Putin summit "Russia - Africa" was attended by representatives of the occupation structure "State grain operator".

It is engaged in robbing local farmers in the captured Ukrainian cities.

"The occupants plan to export looted Ukrainian grain from the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhya region to African countries", - stated in the message.

It also recalled that in the temporarily occupied territories occupation troops continue to implement a corrupt scheme for the realization of grain of Ukrainian farmers. Thus, all farmers in the occupied regions are supposed to sell wheat grain to the enemy at a fixed price, which is several times lower than the market price.

The mayor of temporarily occupied Melitopol in Zaporizhzhya region Ivan Fedorov on his channel in Telegram noted that at first the occupiers simply stole Ukrainian grain, passed it off as their own and reported on unprecedented harvests in Russia, and then said that they allegedly buy grain in the occupation, although in fact they set grain prices cheaper than the cost price.

"That is all the same - stealing. Now at the expense of the grain exported from Ukraine will "help" Africa. That is, they stole, sold the stolen goods, and even more publicized as benefactors," - wrote Fedorov.

As is known, the Russian Federation unilaterally terminated the grain agreement on July 18. The EU condemned the Kremlin's actions, the UN and Turkey promised "not to stop the efforts", and Ukraine counts on the work of the "grain corridor" and without Russia.

Putin later decided to bribe Africa and promised to "gift" tens of thousands of tons of grain as aid to African leaders over the next few months, despite the imposition of Western sanctions, which he claimed were creating difficulties for grain and fertilizer exports.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- UN Secretary General António Guterres called Putin's "free grain" for several African countries a "handful of donations" that will not fully address the serious consequences of ending the "grain agreement." Such a decision by the Russian Federation will lead to large-scale price increases in many countries.

- Putin's statement about "free grain" for Africa was also reacted to in the United States. The State Department said that these statements of the Russian dictator will not save the situation.

- And German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Svenja Schulze said that the Russia-Africa summit is nothing but Putin's PR show.

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