Rewards await Gemini, while Leo faces painful situations: tarot horoscope

Fate has prepared many gifts for everyone this week, it is important to know where to look for them

It's great to start the week with a hint of what you should do in the coming days to achieve success. Tarot cards can give you such a hint.

Professional tarot experts have already made a chart for all zodiac signs and are ready to tell you what awaits you. Also, check out the week's card, which determines its overall energy.

The card of the week: 6 of Wands

This week, we can all count on success. The Six of Wands is a card of determination and honor. You have not only worked hard and achieved your goal, but thanks to your efforts, you are beginning to receive recognition. Accept your success, don't brush it aside, and don't diminish your merits. It's okay to be recognized for your accomplishments, so enjoy this moment.

Aries: 7 of Wands

The card calls for you to stand your ground this week. You are experiencing some resistance or obstacle in your life right now. You may naturally want to retreat in the face of a challenge that comes your way. However, it is very important to stand up for what you believe in. Setbacks will pass if you don't give up. Use your courage and inner strength to overcome all obstacles in the end.

Taurus: Knight of the Pentacles

Have you been flying in the clouds lately? The Knight of Pentacles encourages you to come back down to earth and put your ideas into action this week. Perhaps you've been talking too much and not doing enough. Put aside your day-to-day responsibilities in favor of more interesting proposals. Regardless of your situation, you are advised to make an action plan or stick to a daily routine, as progress is best achieved through discipline.

Gemini: Empress

This week, fate will shower you with gifts. But try to slow down in the exciting frenetic pace of life and connect with your senses. Eat delicious food, enjoy the beauty of the world. By grounding yourself in this way, you open yourself up to balance and harmony. Be grateful for all that is good.

Cancer: Peace

Your challenge for the week is to create more balance in your life. The World card encourages you to take a closer look at every area of your existence - emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Have you been lacking harmony in one of these areas? If so, you are advised not only to figure out how to achieve this balance, but also to learn how to maintain it.

Leo: 8 of Cups

Recognize which situations or relationships bring you frustration and separate yourself from them. A breakup can be painful, especially since you've devoted so much time and energy to it. But chances are, these situations or relationships are what are keeping you from moving on. Instead of focusing on what the situation could have been or hoping that things will change, accept reality as it is. It may be painful now, but things will get better in the long run.

Virgo: 8 of Pentacles

Find a good use for your creative talents and work hard on them. The more you create and hone your skills, the more others will pay attention to what you do and the more they will be inspired by you. By not hiding yourself and your accomplishments, you give others the opportunity to recognize your unique abilities. This can be the motivation you need to keep creating things you're really proud of.

Libra: Queen of Swords

Get ready to sit on your throne this week. The Queen of Swords is incredibly insightful, embodying the intellectual acuity and maturity that helps you to ignore the noise of emotions and outside opinions. You may have to make some important decisions now or in the near future, and this card is a reminder that you should rely on your logic and consider all the facts before acting. You have a wealth of experience and wisdom, be sure to use it.

Scorpio: 5 of Wands

It may seem like you can't get out of conflicts this week. Your card indicates that you have been trying to achieve a goal, but have encountered obstacles. Perhaps you feel that your point of view is being denied, or you are having a hard time working with a certain person. In any case, try to listen to the opinions of others now. You may find that what you initially thought was devastating criticism is actually constructive feedback that will help you in the long run.

Sagittarius: King of Swords

Your mind is your greatest asset this week. The King of Swords encourages you to use your own logic and intelligence to navigate your way through life's situations rather than letting yourself be swayed by emotions. You will determine the right path only when you really get to the bottom of the matter. And this is only possible if you show true impartiality. Look at the world with a clear eye, and you will see the way.

Capricorn: 5 Cups

Recently, you've allowed yourself to sink into a sea of regret and disappointment. While the pain you're feeling is very real and you shouldn't ignore it, staying in this mode forever is not the answer. If you focus on your perceived failures or mistakes, you will not be able to see the positive things that are right in front of you and move forward. There is hope, and this week it's important to feel it and turn your full attention to it.

Aquarius: 4 of Cups

The Four of Cups signals that you are feeling dissatisfied and want to make some changes in your life. Perhaps you are worried about someone else's success and long for something that is not part of your life. It is also possible that you feel unmotivated in your current circumstances. It's nice and important to strive for something, but it's easy to get caught up in an unhealthy cycle of desire. This week, try to address the root cause of these feelings. Is your neighbor's grass really greener, or do you just need to spend time watering your own lawn?

Pisces: 10 of Wands

Have you been feeling like you've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders lately? Perhaps you've taken on too much in an effort to achieve your goals, and now it's important for you to ask for help or give up some of your responsibilities. This can be difficult, because your pride prevents you from admitting it. However, you have reached a point where your ability to achieve the goal as a whole is jeopardized. You deserve to enjoy your life, so ask for help this week.

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