Rarely make friends: antisocial zodiac signs are named

Those born under these signs prefer to stay away from others

Small talk and meeting new people are not easy for everyone. For some, they become a real stress, if not a nightmare. Such people would rather stay home in the evening than go out and have fun with friends, and they don't miss an opportunity to be alone.

Astrologers claim that such reclusiveness may be related to a person's zodiac sign. Find out from the material below which signs are really characterized by it. The signs are arranged in order from slightly introverted to completely withdrawn.


It's not that Taurus are unsociable, they just hate leaving their comfort zone to make new friends. They will stay alone or stay within their usual group  even at a party. Representatives of the sign are very self-sufficient, so they rarely ask for help. In addition, they are easily irritated, which only increases their reticence.


As the greatest leader of all the zodiac signs, Aries can be too flamboyant for other people to want to socialize with them. They are prone to overly violent emotions, can lose their balance even over a trifle, and are ready to get their way to the last, ignoring the feelings of others. Aries is simply not a team player.


Virgos are perfectionists, so they have a hard time with other people's imperfections. Those born under this sign suffer because of this and often criticize and correct their counterparts. At its core, this is a desire for control. Because of this trait, Virgos have a very rigid, established daily routine, which makes it difficult for them to fit meetings and communication with friends.


Cancers are known to be homebodies who like to spend time alone. If given a choice, this sign will always choose to sleep at home over an adventure or even a simple walk. Any uncomfortable conditions also encourage Cancer to hide in their shell. They prefer to socialize in a narrow group and not let anyone unfamiliar in. That is why it can be difficult for them to make friends.


Capricorns would rather concentrate on achieving their professional goals than interact with people. They would rather have one or two close friends and maybe someone else special in their life. But in doing so, they miss the opportunity to connect with someone who could help them advance in their life and career. A negative trait of Capricorns that prevents them from making friends is their tendency to judge others. They often look down on people, especially those who lack discipline and order in their lives.


The mysterious nature of Scorpio comes from this sign's tendency to remain withdrawn, especially in the presence of strangers. They are very emotional and secretive, and some of them are not very fond of people. Representatives of this complex water sign tend to deal with their feelings on their own. Moreover, Scorpios are very selective about the people they spend their time with.

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