Questions you shouldn't ask even friends: three phrases that ruin relationships

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Those who ask such questions lack tact

You need to remember etiquette even when communicating with very close friends. Of course, with those who have known you for a long time, you can resolve the awkwardness that arises from tactless questions, but it can still negatively affect your relationship in the future. That's why etiquette experts advise avoiding certain topics in conversations.

OBOZREVATEL talks about three such questions. They can put your interlocutor in an awkward position, provoke a conflict, or trigger too many unpleasant memories. Avoid them in a conversation with strangers.

Who did you vote for?

Few things polarize people as much as politics. Conflicts on this basis can destroy families, not to mention new acquaintances. Especially in a country with such a pluralism of opinions as Ukraine. All you know is that a seemingly nice person will start arguing with you in a high-pitched voice and then never want to see you again. Leave the political talk to those you know how to get along with or to social media.

How much do you earn?

This is one of the most tactless questions. Earnings are a private matter for each person. Condemning someone for not striving to earn more is a gross violation of personal boundaries and rudeness. And information about high income causes envy, which is one of the most destructive emotions, including relationships. Asking about income can only be appropriate in the tax office and at a job interview. In all other cases, this question is inappropriate.

Where did you get this scar?

Any questions related to the state of the body are taboo in decent society. Height, weight, injuries, and congenital and acquired features are all bad topics for small talk. People talk about them only behind their backs, and such conversations are called "gossip", a rather negative term. Even compliments on one's appearance have recently begun to go beyond the bounds of appropriateness. When it comes to scars, it is highly likely that behind every such mark on a person's skin there is an unpleasant or even traumatic story. It is unlikely that you will gain a reputation as a pleasant interlocutor if you force a person to relive an old trauma right from the doorstep.

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