Purify energy and give balance: what scents protect the home from negativity

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Aromatic smoking has long been used to protect the home

Aromatherapy is not considered to be a therapy at the moment - the healing properties of fragrances have not yet been confirmed. However, they can indeed affect the emotional state - balance the mood, give vigor or relaxation, which, in turn, can set you up for certain achievements.

However, this is how scientists view aromatherapy. People who are not immersed in rigorous science have long attributed magical properties to odors. OBOZ.UA tells about six smells that are believed to have protective properties. And tries to explain where this idea could have come from.


The smell of lavender is credited with the ability to improve relationships between people living under the same roof, to protect them from negativity. And the corresponding essential oil is really famous for its calming effect, it can relieve stress and improve sleep. If you fill your home with the scent of lavender, you may find that your mood will indeed change to a more peaceful one and there will be fewer conflicts in your family.


The deep and warm citrus aroma of bergamot was considered a tool for cleansing the energy of the home. The secret is that it invigorates and cheers you up, fights against feelings of depression and fatigue. If you use the scent of bergamot at home, you can really feel as if a bad spirit leaves its walls.


Myrrh wood resin is mentioned in ancient Egyptian sources, not to mention the Bible. It was used in religious rituals to open the soul to higher powers, including to guide the spirit of the deceased to the afterlife. It was recommended to burn it during meditation to deepen self-awareness. In fact, this scent has a calming effect, relieves irritation, and helps to overcome insomnia. With such effects, it is really easy to feel blessed by heaven.


Fresh pine aromas create a feeling of comfort and security. This effect is most pronounced in the scent of cedar. This tree has long been credited with the ability to protect against evil spirits. In fact, this scent helps to stimulate mental activity, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve sleep. That is, to get rid of everything that in ancient times was considered a sign of a curse or evil eye.


Rosemary sprigs have long been recommended to get rid of bad energy in the home. Later, it turned out that the smell of this plant can help overcome the signs of even chronic stress and severe anxiety, and balance the mood.


It was recommended to smoke a house with this plant in order to restore spiritual harmony, to equalize the energy of the house and everyone who lives in it. This can be explained by the calming properties of patchouli essential oil. It helps to make it easier to fall asleep and make sleep deeper and stronger, and to restore mental strength in case of exhaustion faster. And a well-rested person really feels much more harmonious than someone who suffers from insomnia.

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